Elementary Algonquin

Welcome to my class!


My name is Doris Pichette, I am the Algonquin elementary teacher here at Amo Ososwan school. This is my third year teaching the Algonquin language, and I enjoy teaching the students our language. Teaching our language to the children is a real challenge, especially seeing them do their very best to speak anicinabemowin. Every morning we do the morning pledge in Algonquin, and at times, they do it on the intercom. When we do our morning routine, they learn the months, days of the week, counting, seasons, Algonquin alphabet, different flash cards that they are learning are on the wall, we read stories and write the stories and answer the questions, we do beading, the little ones enjoy singing songs and these are just some of the things we do in class.

Before going any further let me tell you a story about how it all started. When I was a little girl my dream was to become a teacher someday; however, that didn’t happen until later on in life. First, I got married and raised a family then I decided to go back to school when my children were a little older. I went to meet the Director of the school and ask if there were any job openings and he said he would call me. Then, one morning I received a call from the school telling me that I was hired at the school as a French teacher, so I taught the French language for 1 year then went to Pre-k to Kindergarten. I taught Kindergarten most of my teaching years while taking the teacher training courses that McGill University were offering in Winneway. Besides teaching, I was taking night courses and during the summer I would go to McGill for a few weeks to continue the courses, this meant leaving my family behind which was very difficult to do. This went on for a few years until I completed my training and graduated and received my teacher’s diploma. My dream came true. Ever since then I’ve been working for Amo Ososwan school which I enjoy doing. A few years after the opening of the old Amo Ososwan school that’s when I started working there. As of today, I feel very fortunate to be still working at the new school which just opened. I am feeling so blessed to see all this and to see the children all so happy when they come to their new school. It’s a good environment for the teachers and children. We make a good team!

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Teacher: Doris Pichette Mathias