Spec Ed

Welcome to my class!

Kwe kwe,

My name is Serena Delisle McCulloch, I am the Special Education Coordinator at Amo Ososwan School. I have been working here at the school since January 2016. I originally come from the Eastern Townships in Quebec.

Since the very first day I set foot in Winneway, I fell inlove with both the place and the people. At Amo, I work with the students, the teachers and the education assistants.  Mainly, what I do at the school is work closely with the rest of the staff in offering the students who need it additional assistance and or support so that they may learn and enjoy school according to their abilities.

My main goal is to offer students and staff tools, guidance, tips, techniques etc as to empower students and encourage them to be the best that they can be according to who they are.

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Teacher: Serena Mc Culloch